Model: Salena Qureshi

Photography: Brian James

Location: The Artist Studio SRQ

Hair & Makeup: Makeup & Hair by Monique

Clothing provided by: T. Georgianos Boutique


Photography: Ethan Berger

Model (left): DJ Pittenger



Trustee Scholar Awards.

Each year Ringling College of Art and Design awards the Trustee Scholar Award to one student from each major, a student that embodies the curriculum in addition to their contributions to the school community. The awards are given and acknowledged at the Annual Trustee Scholar Dinner. The event follows an annual theme "A Moment in Time" was created to allow the individual to share their story, creating a social moment in time as they receive this honor. 

Functioning as Line Producer and Stylist i consulted on an individualized basis to create an effective individual and overall look for both the group photo (above) as well as individual shots. I then collaborated with the team to create an effective evolution from print and video into a physical space. The space was draped and lit to match the tone of the introduction video immersing the audience into a separate moment allowing them to be fully available to listen and experience each honorees story.