Joan of Arc meets Sock Garters?

Created for the live entertainment sector I created a grouping that works together as well as individually.

Inspired by medieval armor each piece is fitted to the body for performance needs. Balancing the fit with movement are fringed ties as well as pleated areas showing depth through fabric layers and movement.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 7.00.56 PM.png

Created as part of a pith deck for an NYC Pride event I was given the prompt of “pin-up”. Immediately my thought process went to pin up paintings on the front of military airplanes.

This look does not highlight one specific branch of military however the look features several military design consistencies such as epaulets and pleating.

Styled with a high waisted fishnet and combat boot inspired heel.


Created for the same pitch deck with a more open prompt I created an Edwardian male inspired ensemble.

Created with contrasting fabrics of neoprene and lace in tones of peaches and pinks.

Styling is balanced with darker toned hair and makeup.


Marie Who?

The Marie Antoinette and overall royals themes have been adapted time and time again. I created a new silhouette bringing together the classic underskirt lines while allowing for unlimited movement creating a dramatic silhouette.

Primarily gold with elements of purple, the color of royalty and styled with a dramatic boot and large pony tailed hairstyle.