Have you ever worked a 6 day work week? If so you know the know the one where its Thursday but feels like Friday? Well that was me this week so as you can imagine Friday was rough. But you know the saying things happen when you least expect it? Well on Friday I got a phone call and a sweater and exciting show casting info and a music video release. 

Starting with the phone call, I cannot say much, however it is an exciting project that may be bringing me back to Florida for a month to head the Costume department as Designer for (insert celebrity name here)'s web series. 

THEN....I got a text. One of my favorite and fan favorite queens from Rupaul's Drag Race Season 8 is making a cameo on our show this week. Cannot wait to see her. Mum is the word on who!

THEN...I was rocking a characters sweater and before I knew it the sweater became my sweater. #bestbossever

THEN...I got an email. Back in March I Assistant Costume Designed a jazz band's music video. We had not heard much since we filmed, video below! FYI The video is abstract and unique. But keep your eye on the clothes ;)

This was a great but challenging week. I dressed background actors for a gala scene and had lunch with a broadway legend and oh and what would a week be without a few runs to Bloomingdales!!!

Now onto some downtime and some good ole retail therapy! Check out the music video below!!!

Sending Light and Love!