The first steps are always the hardest....but the only way to go is up! 

This past week I set out to get myself running again. Literally.... I used to be a competitive runner starting in high school and beyond. However especially after college my fitness regimen dwindled as I transitioned more into film work (aka 12 hour minimum work day). 

So now that I am taking some time off for myself I wanted to start running again, aside from the exercise it provides for me it was always therapeutic. I can feel my body relax and the stress roll off both physically and psychologically.  That first run was absolute torture, to be expected, it always reminds me of when people talk to me about how they HATE running. It's getting over that hurdle that is hard, accepting that there will be struggle but still continuing forward in hopes of gaining or achieving something greater. 

Gee I really need to take that advice. But isn't that how it goes? It's easier to say it, sometimes even understand it than to actually DO IT. When it comes to doing it we need to have something to leverage. With running for me it was having a past life with it, I know I can do it, I have done it before now just need to rise to the occasion and physically get back there. When it comes to crafting something like a business or a great career I think those who have achieved greatly have been accommodated with a few things. 

In order to rise to the occasion you need some form of an opportunity, something to rise up to, whether that be capital investment, a career opportunity or a crack in the door that you are attempting to pass through. I think this has been my biggest hurdle. I am someone who rises to the occasion and the challenge. Give me a task I am going to complete it in the most efficient way possible and result with the most strategic deliverable. So when I pose the question to myself "why can't I do this for myself, for my own brand?"

Well as my father would say, there is no reason. However the explanation for it is for starters we always undervalue ourselves, our desires and our needs. Secondly when you are producing/creating something  if your a "rise to the occasion" kind of person...there is no one on the other side demanding or challenging the rise. You are that for yourself and we always let ourselves off easier, especially when it comes to new things. 


Find something. Rise to the occasion. Achieve.

P.S. I want this body back .____.