This week was a rough week. Sorry to start off on not the most positive point but I try to be genuine and not always say "Oh, I'm good" when in reality one may not be. 

This week I stepped into a new role at work, dropped my phone into the toilet and dealt with student loan frustrations, can I get an amen? However through it all and as I write this I am so dam grateful

I am grateful to have a job never mind even get a promotion at a job. I am grateful to have a phone, let alone the capability to get a new one. I am grateful to have the resources (although not so great long term) to go to college. I am grateful to have been educated in a field I love. I am grateful to work and make a living doing something I enjoy and lead a life that is more than the "live, work and die" mentality. 

It is so strange to me. Typically when one is faced with such things one of the last feelings they have is, grateful. Right after school I was really gung ho about beginning a business of my own but then that faded. I didn't have anything to worry about for a decent period where I could had began something. But I didn't.

Now when I am faced with a decent amount of negativity and things against me I more than ever want to begin something of my own. In hoped it is the key to a better tomorrow. I guess it is similar to this example I gave people when they used to ask me for thesis advice in college.

Individuals would ask me "What should I do for my thesis? I don't know what to do?". From my experience I would give them this advice. Think of something you really hate. Something you cannot stand. Then. Hate it even more. Then. Find a solution to it. Take something a negative to a positive.

I think that is why now of all times I want to add another something to my plate at the most unlikely and un-strategic of times. 

Regardless the moral of this post is that of, no matter what ones situation is, is to remain grateful and always know that within oneself is the solution to not only fix the negative but completely erase it.

Stay Grateful.

(Fitting place to plug some grateful dead artwork. I do not own any part of the attached image nor do I claim to or it's creation)