Something I have always struggled with is, comparison. It's hard not to do when you see people whom you know from certain situations receiving opportunities or accolades that you may not be. It always leads to a sort of self deprecation because I may not be at the exact same stage, HOWEVER, that is the point where I must remind myself that we all have ups and downs. 

Whether our ups and downs are personal or professional, we all have them. We all find some form of success both professionally and personally at different times. Just because someone is in climbing the ladder at a more rapid rate right now and you might not be doesn't mean that you do not have skill or talent etc. etc. 

It just means that our time has not quite arrived, and that's okay. The solution I find comes with LIVING IN THE MOMENT. 

(Side note of encouragement: An actress I was working with shared that she always says "the next thing is only a phone call away, so keep going")

Instead of comparing each others achievements I choose to focus on myself and where I am headed. Some may say that is selfish, and in a way it is. We all should love ourselves unconditionally and take care of ourselves. Do what makes us happy, what makes us feel fulfilled. Through that bit of selfishness it will allow us to be our best selves for others around us.

I feel fulfilled whenever I am creating something or am a part of something creative. I am proud of the fact that, that striving to always be a part of something creative is something I have remained true to. I refuse to sell myself out for a larger paycheck or a higher title. With that comes the ups and downs, especially being a freelancer. 

Sometimes I find myself in charge and sometimes I find myself doing the grunt work. Both are equally important in my mind and that's where I live in the moment. When you are leading it is important to think about when you were a follower, what did you need from a leader?

And when you were/are a leader? What did you need from a follower?

I would like to wrap up this post by sharing a little something about myself. I always remember where I came from and who I am at my core, I find it very important working in what is sometimes a fantasy world. famous people, fabulous parties, fabulous clothes etc. One of those things is whom I happen to be named after....the legendary Keith Richards!