Life is filled with full circle moments, some are smaller than others. This moment I would say was medium sized! 

This time last year I was in a transition phase post college, not knowing what was happening and overall not really feeling too hot about my future. Then in just an instant things changed and before I knew it I was rocketed to NYC and part of a TV show. 

Right now I am sitting in that same show's offices, one year later wrapping up season 3. It's all crazy to me. I always said I never really wanted to work in film and I never really wanted to work in costumes, including designing them. But here I am one year later with 2 seasons of wardrobe assistant credits, multiple theatre credits, an assistant designer credit and 2 costume design credits heading my way next month.

The reason I am sharing this is to express the importance of NEVER closing anything off completely. Sure we all have our preferences but if I shut out the initial opportunity from season 2 it would not have lead me to all of these other things. 


Remain OPEN and say YES!....

And listen to Lady Gaga's new single "Perfect Illusion" out tomorrow! No I am not a paid spokesperson!

Love and Light!