I don't have any intention to make this a daily blog HOWEVER today was super fun and filled with a few surprises. 

The day started with a set run where I walked by Mario Cantone aka Anthony Marantino from Sex in the City aka my spirit animal.

Then I helped dress 300 background actors for an awesome club scene. We all loved when they would lay out all of their options and we would simply say "yea thats good" and they go "well, which one?" and we just say "all of it" was that kind of look. Which is the look of PURE AWESOMENESS!! 

I enjoy that when I get to work everyday I really never know what to expect. Every day is so different! That is why its simply the #AdventuresOfKeith

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to the guy who thought I was a famous youtuber and to the super cute rocker guy!