Hello All!

Welcome to my official Blog page! If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw #KeithThePA in your feed. This posting spree was inspired by the consistent question of "What do you do" as well as various questions such as "How do you measure your success in such a role?". It is a crazy job that effects ones way of life, but it is a valid stepping stone.

To recap my intro week of #KeithThePA. Here are my top 5 pointers for anyone looking to start out in the film industry in general and more specifically within the wardrobe department.



#2: Dress for success...Literally

#3 ALWAYS be available and if you are not available...SAY YOU ARE!


#5 Plain and simple...Don't be an Idiot!

I have enjoyed posting throughout the week and want to keep the momentum going, I hope you join me in my life's adventures! 


P.S. In New York the work hard play hard mentality rings very true. This weekend I splurged on a front and center ticket to see Cats with Leona Lewis and boy was it AMAZING! #Iconic