Just when you think life; i.e. work; could not get any crazier it does! Showbusiness is INSANE behind the scenes, but I think that's what makes it so interesting. How out of all the insanity something is able to be produced. 

It's hard to stay positive everyday when your tired and have a heavy workload in addition to not knowing what is going to be thrown your way. But something that being a PA has taught me is to start everyday fresh. I use my daily commute as a time to center and clear my mind and open myself to the tasks of the day. 

I know I am constantly referencing things I do relevant to work. Well that is because I am a workaholic. Many people do not understand that. To put it simply I identify so strongly with being a creator. Taking that passion and turning it into a career complicates everything. Usually someones passion is a hobby of some sort, by making it your career sometimes the passion gets lost. 

To prevent such from happening it is important to keep it fresh which is what I love about being a creative freelancer!

On a lighter note my fall is shaping up to be very exciting and opportunistic, can't wait to share it all as it is happening!


Love and Light!