One week ago I wrapped on the best project of my life (thus far). I had the immense pleasure of working with my great friend and co-designer Hanna Persson (costume goddess) in addition to some amazing actors as well. 

Something interesting for those who have known me for only the past couple of years, I never set out to be a costume designer or work in costumes at all for that matter. I have had a few stints at the job to date but this one, this one was different. I fully immersed myself in the characters, our main character basically became my best friend, which is very easy to do when you are working 18 hours a day for a month straight. 

I have always been passionate and invested in my work, when it came to costumes I used to always be "meh", to be honest. But in recent times my career opportunities mainly came within costume departments for film and tv, always in non designing roles. Of course every job I do I have opinions on characters looks, however their is a time and a place. That time being, when I personally have the opportunity to have an opinion that justifies the characters development. 

But this project wasn't just about being in charge or being able to express my creative vision. It was about the opportunity to express my vision through my passion on a large scale. 

One week later (today) I sit here currently with no jobs on the table. Wondering if I wish it were different? Think again....I might not have a steady cash flow and I may not know what my immediate future holds BUT I do know that...

 I strive everyday to live that day as if it were my last and if my time here on earth ends I want to be able to say one thing...

"That I followed my dreams and helped someone along the way by doing it"