It has been A MINUTE! Okay well more like a month!

Post Mozart life has been an amazing rollercoaster that I am so grateful and honored to be on. I have worked on a very high budget film that I am not at liberty to say what it is. But you will all see it in theatres next summer. Then I very rapidly prepped, designed and filmed 2 days on set in upstate New York to then drive back to Connecticut and hop on a plane with only 2.5 hours of sleep.


It has been crazy but I am enjoying every single minute of everything. Including rising to the challenge. Currently I am working with a fairly small budget which many people I know would just see the number and then run away. Not me.

I am a believer that you can achieve great quality projects on any budget, you just have to shop smarter and devote the time necessary to find the items your looking for at the right price point. A great designer taught me to save money where you can so you can spend money where you want to/need to. 


For now it is just one day at a time and figuring out what is next! Good vibes! 

Love and Light!


P.S. Never forget your roots. They are what make you who you are today!