Keith the Brand.

The story goes like this...I was pitching a business concept to a panel of distinguished individuals in which I was referring to the business under a name unidentifiable with myself. In the question and answer portion of the pitch I was posed with the following question:

"What sells more? You? or the brand name?"

from that point forward, I was the brand.  To this audience I was the selling point as an individual so the business took the format of a personal brand.

My personal brands business plan took the form of an editorial magazine. Editorial format incorporates many things. Information, design, format and  above all ease of use. 

The central focus of the brand is to bring designers like myself to the forefront of their work, giving credit to those typically unseen and unknown. This was achieved with the creation of a new fashion industry sector.

For more on the brand and editorial design/layout please contact me here!